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There are foods that have a particularly good effect on health. Many of them - such as tempeh, sourdough bread, miso, tamari (Japanese soy sauce), and sauerkraut - are fermented: They owe their special taste a slow, natural process of fermentation.

ACTIVATED NUTS 4Life Organics are soaked long in a Lake of water and Celtic sea salt. Soaking is a fermentation and germination process in motion that the nuts almost "activated".

For the non-vegan varieties we use whey; wherein the lactic acid bacteria expel harmful substances by an excess of healthy bacteria and speed up the conversion process. Then the nuts is removed in a gentle drying process at low temperature the water again. The valuable nutrients that result from the fermentation remain, preserved and are precisely the moment "re- activated" when the nut ends up in the mouth.

ACTIVATED NUTS are a Slow Food.

It is crucial that our manufacturing process can not be accelerated. It is dedicated to the nut as raw material a lot of time and patience.

The treated nuts and kernels are compared noticeably lighter, tastier and more nutritious, not bitter at all and simply delicious.
A small taste explosion. A real drug!


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